RADIO STATION IN PLYMOUTH MA.                                             W1PJM  SATIN RADIO STATION                                                        W1PJM IS A Worldwide RADIO STATION

About Us

    Welcome to W1PJM

       This radio station took several years to build.  The station not only covers all of the ham radio bands but can also receive all of the radio spectrum and all of the C band and KU satellites in the Van Halen Clark belt in outerspace.

 This station can track storms around the world, and space weather.  We can run this station on alternative energy using the air x wind generator and solar panel to charge a large bank of batteries.  We also have a 12,000 watt generator for backup power.

There are 4 operators and contributors that help run this station;

1.  Paul J. Mello, W1PJM, Electronic Engineer for 35 years and a ham radio operator for 25  years.

2.  Edward M. Mello, KB1HJG,  ham radio operator for 10 years, and brother.

3.  Mike Mello,  N1SYB, ham operator for 15 years, and nephew.

4,  Shawn Reed, N1HOQ, ham operator for more then 20 years.  He  has contributed many, many hours of technical help, keeping the station up and running. This is a very large and complex station, and is always in need of tweaking.